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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
You know, say what you want, but Thriller is just an insane album and ones like Bad aren't bad either, RIP.
I even loved his last two...Blood on the Dance Floor and Invinvible...Invinvible was such an underrated album in my opinion....

Originally Posted by 46zone View Post
I got sick of that song about a week after its release. It was on every god damn minute...and I was like six too, it's hard to annoy someone that young.

So he's dead. Big deal, the guy was a ****in creep.

As you can tell I'm not too sentimental.
The song Thriller gets old quickly, unless you are watching the video, but the rest of the album is frigin amazing!!

Originally Posted by ForsbergIsOdin View Post
Despite my heavy metal background, one of the firsts things I remember listening to nonstop was thriller, more specifically, Beat it.

But whatever, **** Micheal Jackson. EDDIE VAN MOTHER****IN HALEN WROTE THAT **** ANYWAY

At any rate, our children are now safe.
EVH is another wacko....He played the solo, the rest of that song was Steve Lukather!! In fact, Toto was basically the backing bank on more than half that album!! Amazing music!

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
You know, I don't really feel sad with regards to Michael Jackson. He looked like he'd been knocking on death's door for years. He did not look healthy for years.

I think Farrah Fawcet is a real sad case because she fought to the end. She tried radical treatments outside of the states and she wasn't going to go down without a fight. That cancer is a dirty thing. Seen too many lives taken from that disease.......
The rumor is anorexia, wouldnt surprise me with how he looked....

Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
I did like his music, and he was big, so RIP.


I don't understand why people are defending him when people bust on him for the "little boys" thing. "Because he was a musical genius?" You can say the same thing about Hitler. Military genius, but ****ed up.

Try this one JLHockey...Here is why I have and will continue to defend the guy.

1) First off, the guy was a performer....How many rap stars, rock stars, etc. are pieces of trash in their personal life and people love them??? Rap stars kill each other for god sake....With that said, ignoring his personal life, anyone that is a fan of music in general cannot deny the impact he had. He is this generation's Elvis. He was my first favorite musician. I still remember being 4-5 years old watching the moonwalk for the first time on the Motown Special and my jaw just dropped!!!! Plus, a lot of people dont realize the control he had over his career from the songs, to the production, to the arrangments...The guy was a studio perfectionist!! Not to mention the fashion (How many people in the 80s did NOT have one of those jackets???) to his video which were all basically his creation as well. The guy was a pure genius, plain and simple.

2) As for the personal stuff, my take on it is this:

Regardless of whether he did it or not, someone does not just wake up one day and decide he/she is going to molest children. MJ was a terribly troubled, disturbed person throuhout his life. He was apparently abused by his father....He was certainly pushed into fame at such an early age. Never had a true childhood, basically had to grow up when he was 9...didnt experience things like most of us did. Now, I dont have sympathy for celebritys that complain about the fame if they choose it as an adult and yes he chose to stay in it, but the problem was he was too young for it when it first happened....As we see with movie stars, when they hit fame too young they get all screwed up.

Essentially, the way I look at is that he emotional growth and maturity basically stopped at 9-10 years old....He was a confused little 10 year old until he died yesterday! He never grew up...Tried to cling to a "childhood" that he never had via neverland, always hanging around with kids, etc. On top of that, he never had someone teach him anything about intimacy with others....He didnt know how to have relationships with adults or children. All of that resulted in a very sick man/boy.

The tragedy in my opinion is that NO ONE, ever made him get the help he needed. Yes he, like all other sick individuals probably surrounded himself with enablers...but where the hell was his family all those years???? Very very sad....

In many ways I look at him the same as someone who suffers from cancer for many years, albeit his issues were mental before they became physical.

I wll miss his music and his influence on the industry...I was patiently waiting for new music that he was supposedly working on the past 4-5 years and was even debating going to Europe to see him on his tour.

RIP Michael, you are finally at peace...You will surely be missed!

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