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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Depends on what you classify as tangible. The differences are material, which has been covered, but also there are less seams, the toecaps are just plain plastic now, but that's cosmetic. Weight is shaved off everywhere possible. The outsole being composite does surprise me, that's pretty advanced for the year. Stiffness though, is something you might be surprised at if you tried a pair of top end skates. Yours may be stiff. Those don't bend. I've heard somebody on here describe skating in new Vapor 40s without baking as skating with two 2x4s strapped to the sides of your ankles.

I did not wear vapors, but I went from a pair of Externos to an Easton Synergy 800 (now SE10), and it was night and day. Half the weight. Better fit too, but the externos weren't a real great skate for me fitwise.

But hey, if they work for you, they work for you. Yeah the new skates are a lot nicer, but if you don't notice the difference you don't have to spring for them.
Lol, they were probably 145 lbs soaking wet

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