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Originally Posted by TheGooooch View Post
So I figured out my slap shot on Wednesday and got a little more control on it today. It was actually quite simple. Someone told me to move my bottom hand lower. I did and that caused me to get lower during the shot too and it worked. Now I have some laser shots, obviously I am trying to get a little more control of it for accuracy but I am very happy.

What do you guys think though, I have a 110 flex now. Would a lower flex give me a harder slap?
I personally think an 87 flex stick is good for you conmsidering your height and weight. It sounds like you are pretty good at torqueing a slapshot using the 110 flex. I use a 100-115 flex depending on if I can actually find something in a store. I just bought a Harrow 100 flex shaft and cut about on inch off of it making it a 105 flex.

I am 235 lbs though and 6ft 4in ... If you are using a 110 flex you should be having a harder time shooting wristshots at your height and weight so I am baffled by your statement of having good wristers.

Accuracy would also come from your followthrough and having a lighter flex to match your weight would help you be more accurate with your slapshot.

My best shot is the slapshot and I shoot them better than most people i have ever met and played with. It isn't a boast or a brag, it is just what it is.

I use a flex 100 or over because any less than that and I lose some zip and the stick feels too whippy and it seems to absorb too much of the energy and it gets lost in the launch of the slapshot.

Not sure if this even helps you out but honestly you using the 110 would be like me using a 125 flex or something and it just would not work for me I don't think. Then again I have never tried it either.

I can say that I have a better wristshot with a 100-105 flex than I do with a 115 flex. The slapshot with the 115 flex for me is merciless and brutally hard making that high pitched PING off the post pipe which gets couple of calls out during warmups from team mates. "That effing frigging shot of yours!".

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