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06-26-2009, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
My current Bauer skate size on the Vapor 6 from 2002-03 is 11.5EE .... I have an issue with every new pair of skate throughout my life and that is the left foot toe cap is touching my big toe. I knock the cap out with a tool I use for that using a hammer. I've done this for years and I do not know how these fancy new skates would react to that.

I have a longer than normal left big toe I guess

My right foot always fits nicely ... I should add that I also use a home made tool to make a new ankle pocket on the left skate. Is the ankle socket in these new skates something easy to alter?

I make mine about an 8th inch higher in the boot than the one set there at the factory because my ankle is weird I guess to go along with my weird longer big toe. I have to do this with any skate I buy. Will they heat mold that well where this won't be an issue?
The heat molding may take care of the ankle issue for you, but the toecap fix would probalby still work, The vapor toecap is still plastic. I've also heard of people using a heat gun then reaching in and gently punching out a spot on those, don't know how that compares to what you've been doing.

The Ankle pocket, if it is screwy, will be nearly impossible to change. You'll want to try on a pair of vapors from the same generation first.

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