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Originally Posted by Pittsburghfan View Post
I am a fairly new player. I have a problem with my shot, every time I take a wrist shot my left elbow (I am right handed) hits me around the ribs or in the side. How can this be fixed? Is there a way I could change my shot so it doesn't do this?

When you take that wrist shot, the top hand and arms need to move to full extension. This is going to allow the leverage in the fulcrum to work. Ok, what's a fulcrum? It like a teeter-tauter at your local play ground. The center point is the fulcrum of the teeter-tauter...get it?

Well, the bottom hand is the fulcrum of the stick. If you leave the top hand next to your body, you change the leverage of the fulcrum to be at the top instead of at the middle where it should be. Thus, you will have a weak shot.

However, if you move the top hand away from your body during the follow through and you add pressure on the shaft with the bottom hand to make the flex in your stick work for you, at the point when the bottom hand is almost at full extension as well, pull the top top hand back towards your body, while leaving the bottom hand extended.

This action will cause the bottom hand to act like the fulcrum and the shot will use the maximum amount of leverage behind the shot.

Now, don't forget to roll your wrist and point to the target with the tip of your blade. Where ever you point this blade, the puck is sure to go there.

Good luck
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