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06-27-2009, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
Again.... this was the right pick even if he doesn't offensively pan out - which some may consider "busting". Those criticizing are simply looking for something to whine about.

First and foremost, this pick, at the very least, HINTS that Darcy finally may "get it"... he finally may see the blatantly obvious: we need more sandpaper.

Those comparing him to Kaleta? You want to talk about a pretty acceptable worst case scenario right there.... if this kid's bottom is becoming another Pat Kaleta, is that all that bad? Patrick Kaleta is an NHLer, and seems to be quite valuable to our team. Top that off with the fact that this kid is known to fight - something Kaleta doesn't do, really - and we've added another piece.

Please don't forget that he was considered a top-10 prospect in some outlets, and widely considered top-15. Meaning there's something there offensively for scouts to rank him high and for him to be "a good fit" for any team that were to pick him.

This pick, as Darcy put it, was one of their higher rated players who happened to also fit a clear organizational need. I like the pick.
I'm not a huge prospect guy, but I agree with you. Great pick. There's definitely been a trend to drafting bigger with Adam, Myers, and Kassian. Much needed.

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