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06-27-2009, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I would know right in the store if the ankle fits properly before they are heated. This also causes me to be afraid to buy online if a skate is a closeout because they may not accept a return.

I am going to talk to my friend who owns a pro shop here, the guy who does my skates and ask him about it. he is the one I talk about in here who does custom skate work for the QMJHL MAINEiacs Junior team here. He is the one who recently showed me a Vapor X60 $600 skate that came out of the box with a warped blade runner when I was talking about warped blade runners in that thread I made.

To answer your question about what I do with the toe cap I do not heat it up and just bang it out from inside with a metal tool that is rounded at the bottom as to not make any sharp impressions or scar marks inside the skate. I then use a small piece of sandpaper to smooth out my monkey business in there.

I have not heated anything up but that would speed things up for sure. Hadn't thought of it honestly.

I had thought about just getting one skate a half size different than the other one but the rest of the foot fits perfectly and it would not work. After I get everything just soo things are perfect and very comfy. it just takes a little tweaking, I think if the insides of the new composite skate boots have padding for ankles I could just redo that with the thing I made because I only need an 8th of an inch or a little more. An 8th doesn't seem like much until you need it to stop ankle pain because the socket isn't lined up with your ankle bone.

The thing I made is just a piece of plywood with a hole cut out in the middle, the hole is then beveled and rounded so it won't damage the skate material when it is used. I then tape with white hockey tape a metal plate to cover the hole from the outside as the C-clamp will be on that over the hole.

Then on the inside I place a half of a ball bearing where I need my ankle bone to be and then the C-clamp on the inside of the boot goes on the half of a ball bearing. Tighten everything up and leave it there for a half hour or whatever and new ankle pocket is made rather easily. I would think I could heat up the boot in that area with a hair dryer and do this and it would work on the new skates these days.

What do you think? I mean if you can picture what I am talking about, I am trying to avoid taking a photograph and posting it because I hate digging out the usb cable for that and stuff. I know ... I suck.
I can envision what you're talking about, and I would say that it's a pretty safe bet to screwing up a composite boot. It might work with the new thermo formability of the new moldable composites like the One95 or X60 have, but I would be afraid to try it.

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