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06-27-2009, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
This is where we stand today with legit NHL roster players (I'm not counting bubble players like Nodl or Kalinski until they make the team).

Gagne (5.25) Richards (5.75) Briere (6.5)
Hartnell (4.2) Carter (5) Giroux (.821667)
Carcillo (.89375) Powe (.52) Asham (.64)
Cote (.55)

Forwards: 30.125417

Timonen (6.333333) Pronger (6.25)
Carle (3.4375) Coburn (1.3)
Jones (2.75) Parent (.855)

Defense: 20.925833

Emery (1.5)

$52,551,250 total with $4,248,750 left under the Cap (plus Rathje until he's put on LTIR one last time).
I saw you say ideally that will be our 4th line next year, however, just felt the need to say that if they are our third line, there is NO WAY this team is competing for a cup. That needs to be significantly upgraded.....Which is why Jones and Carle need to be moved. When you have a cheap guy like Parent that can play in the top 4, you need to take advantage of that.

Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
The Pronger acquisition gives us some real flexibility when it comes to arranging our top-4 on defense:


Personally, I want Coburn paired with Pronger. Remember how Braydon benefited with Hatcher as his defensive partner? Pronger should be an even better mentor. It's not like I'd be disappointed if Pronger is paired with Parent and Timonen with Coburn, either. And what I like even more: late in games, when we really need to shut a team down or press for a goal, Stevens can put Pronger and Timonen out there together (like Bylsma did with Crosby and Malkin). Hell, maybe Stevens even makes that the permanent first pairing and plays them 25+ minutes per game. There are a lot of options with which to experiment. Lastly, if Carle is kept, he too would look real good paired alongside Pronger or Timonen (if, for example, the team for some reason decides it doesn't want Parent in the top-4).

As for our forwards... the other shoe has to drop, now that the trade for Pronger has been made. I don't think JVR is ready to step into the lineup, and he'd be much better off playing top-6 minutes with the Phantoms than bottom-6 minutes with the Flyers. That said, if we don't re-sign Knuble, our top-6, as presently constructed, is Richards, Gagne, Briere, Hartnell, Carter, and Giroux. Our current bottom-6 is Carcillo, Powe, Asham, Ross, Cote, and Nodl. Yikes. Like I said, another move MUST be forthcoming, whether it's a trade or FA signing, because something has to be done to dramatically improve the depth in our bottom-6.
Agreed on all counts, although I want to see Pronger and Timonen on separate pairings at even strength.

I would be fine with Nodl getting an extended look on the 3rd line, if we fill it in with two veteran players. This guy is a good prospect, not sure why people just decided he was crap after one taste of the NHL....

Originally Posted by Ghost of Downie View Post
I decided to run a scenario that keeps both Briere AND Carle (drops Jones). It takes the Flyers very close to the cap (56.6795), but I was bored.

Gagne (5.25)-Richards (5.75)-Giroux(.822)
Hartnell (4.2)-Carter (5)-Briere (6.5)
Asham (.640)-Malhotra (1.75)-Knuble (2)
Carcillo (.847)-Powe (.520)-Nodl (.850)
Cote (.550)

Timonen (6.333)-Coburn (1.3)
Pronger (6.25)-Carle (3.4375)
Parent (.855)-Marshall (.875)
Syvret (.650)

Emery (1.5)
Backlund (.800)
Love your forwards, although I would swap Nodl and Asham Malhotra!!! I think CBJ is going to re-sign him though....

As for your defense, I want Carle moved to be honest....You can get a good 3rd pairing dman in here AND a decent 3rd liner for his salary. Move Parent into the top 4.

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