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06-27-2009, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Outside99 View Post
Sounds like a great pick, Canucks prospect pool of forwards just took a huge jump in the past year!!!

The size arguments are moot at this point. You simply cannot completely & accurately judge a player's adult strength and final size at 18 years old. 5'11" and 175 is about right for an 18year old but after that, who knows. An 18 year old of that size could conceivably gain 30lbs of muscle by 22 and be able to bench press at NFL combines level (225lbs 25x) - without steroids I might add.

As for Schroeder, our 5'8" 1st rounder who was arguably the strongest prospect at the Combines, similar argument. Its not how tall you are but how strong on your skates you are and how much power you can generate. Some 5'8" guys could manhandle just about every NHLer over 6'. Just ask Pierre Bouchard about Stan Jonathan. Schroeder's not a fighter but you know what I mean.

Strength is just one of the factors that needs to develop for both draft picks over the next 4 years but good draft picks they were!
I'd say you can only take a couple of things thing from bench pressing numbers as far as hockey players go...
...on ice strenght is really not one of them. On the ice more or less all about core strenght and legs.

Also to take in to account is the fact that he is short.
This means that he probably also has shorter arms, wich means the distance he needs to bench is not as long.
Naturally this translates in to more bench reps.

What positive you can take from this is the fact that he probably enjoys hitting the gym.
That should mean solid work ethic.

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