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Originally Posted by XxLidstromxX View Post
So I started ice hockey on Monday, just drop ins, honestly it was the most fun I had ever experienced in my life sure I was slipping and falling but 5 hours went by so quickly it felt like 10 minutes.
I noticed a couple problems on ice though:
1. I can't stop, when I try I end up turning or falling.
2. Can't turn quickly without falling lol.
3. I don't know how to use the edges on the skates.

I also had some more questions.
I bought a new nike stick, and it's way to short, I have to bend so low to play and I can't do that considering I'm 6'2. It reaches my collar bone when on my skates, so how long should it be for a defensemen, I can get decent slap shots off of it but I have to bend really low which makes me look like an idiot and hurts my back. So how much higher should I get it, I previously had a stick extended up to my nose and it killed my shot lol, it looked really weird and my shot would look ********...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
The problem is not with your stick, but with your skating....sorry!

80% of hockey is skating...80% of skating is Balance! So let see if we can help you with this. It going to take some work on your part and you will probably fall on your a** with these drills, but after you have mastered these drills, you can get bumped / checked and still hold your balance.

First Drill: Start at one end at the goalie line. Place your feet in a "V", heels together, toes out. Now been your knees which will cause the skates to go in the direction of the "V". Now, just when your skates are maxed out before they start turning straight, I want you to jump off the ice about three inches high. When you jump, I want you to land back on the ice with your skates back in a "V". Now, I want you to do this down the full lenght of the ice to the other end. When you jump and bring the skates back into a "V" this is one cycle. I want you to do any many cycles down the ice as you can. The faster you bring the skates back to square one ("V") the faster you will go. Once you are fly down the ice, just using the inside edges, you have completed the first phase.

Second Drill: Now you do the same thing as drill # 1...but Backwards. This time you are going to put your toes together and your heels apart. Bend your knees and you will start to move backwards. Right when your feet are about a 1 1/2 feet apart, jump and bring you toes back together when you land. Yes, you are right...down the ice and back again.

Third Drill: Here's where it starts get fun. You are going to start at one end of the ice, at the goal line. Now, you are going to do two forward (Drill #1) on the third, you are going to jump in the air and turn 180 and land facing backwards. Then you do two backwards (Drill #2) and got it, jump in the air 180 and land forward. This is one cycle! Your going to do as many cycles from one end of the ice down the other end. Now when you turn, if you turn clockwise from front to back, you turn clockwise from back to front. Always turn in the same direction. Now when you get down to one end, the you come back doing it counter-clockwise...get it!

Fourth Drill: Ok, now this drill is very similar to Drill #3. This time you single up the turn. So when you start off, you jump right away 180 backwards land, do one cycle backwards and jump 180 forwards. Always turning in the same direction. yes, you guessed it, all the way down the ice and then come back turning in the other direction.

Fifth Drill: Then you do five forward "V" cycles and on the sixth cycle, you do a 360 in the air and land back in the "V". Do 5 more forward "V" cycles and on the sixth cycle you do another 360 in the air and land in a "V".

Once you can do this, get ahold of me and we will show you the next step.

Here's a video to give you kind of an idea.

If you follow this link below. I wrote some dryland tips for you to do off ice.

Hope this helps
Head coach

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