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06-27-2009, 08:09 PM
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I just read through this thread, and I can't believe the amount of complaining about "size" ... as if "size" is the only thing that matters for some reason, and any 18 YO kid who's not bigger than 6'2" right now shouldn't be expected to grow into that. Like all our draft picks were all small players??

There was ONE small player taken by the Canucks in this draft, and to me, it was an excellent pick.

It was the type of pick that past regimes, obsessed with "size," would have past on to instead go after that big player instead.

The Canucks took the right player, IMO, in the 1st round, who really is the only real small guy that the Canucks took!

The 2nd round pick is 5'11" at 18 YO... given that none of us have really seen this kid play, what defines this pick as a small pick? if he doesn't grow any more, but gains some weight to round out his frame through the next few years, size is less of an issue than how he plays... this kid is just not Patrick Kane small at all.

maybe some people see a guy just under 6' and write him off as being a soft player... maybe they just stick with their stereotypes, being a Swede, under 6' he has to be soft...

personally, I care more about the player he really is... and right now, my entire impression of him is from scouting reports:

does not shy away from playing physical. Could use some more strength though
that tells me more than he could develop into a player were "size" isn't a factor.

From the scouting reports, it doesn't at all sound like Rodin is some midget weak player that can't play in a physical environment.

the rest of the team's picks all have size. 6'1" at 18 doesn't mean they'll remain in their slight frames through their development... they could easily gain an inch in the next couple years as well, and they all have the body to round out into decent size players... we're not talking 5'8" defenders here! and one of the picks is already at 6'5"

The entire "size" issue in this draft boils down to the first round. And I'm glad that an organization that has been obsessed with size for so long, didn't let yet another more skilled player pass them by. I was glad they didn't take the bigger Beach last season, and glad they didn't pass up on Schroeder this year. After that pick, size is just not an issue - there were no "small" prospects taken.

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