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06-27-2009, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck U View Post
Point really is this ... IF this current core of Kings ends up winning a cup anytime within the next 5 years, credit will be due at least in part to Dave Taylor and His draft picks also ... if you want to discredit this statement fine, but then too Lombardi gets NO credit should San Jose ever win the cup, fair enough ?
Yeah. Its fair, because I agree.

Clearly I am not making my point clear.

Allow me to quote Ron from another thread...

Originally Posted by Captain Ron View Post
All scouts can do is find people with potential and then hope they have the determination to reach that potential.
This is where I think DT and crew were lesser than DL. DT found a few guys who had that determination, but to me it is clear that it was more dumb luck than researching their determination and competitveness, which I believe is the trump card in an athlete unless his skills are WORLD CLASS (and yet even then, without the compete, world class skills don't become work class skills on a regular basis without the determination).

I'm just speculating. Obviously Taylor's move have a lot to do with where the organization stands today, some good, some bad. If Kopitar leads us to the cup, Taylor deserves some credit for that, regardless of whether it was dumb luck or great drafting.

You can use the "how many cups has Dean won?" argument in regards to other GM's, and it definately holds water, but it doesn't really apply to Taylor. Dean has built one team that has shown staying power. Taylor built one team that crumbled after one season of injuries.

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