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06-28-2009, 01:28 AM
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Well okay then ... I made a couple of videos to show my progress. I laid out a plank of wood to shoot pucks off of into my goal cage I throw in the pickup truck and bring to outdoor rinks or pond ice etc.

Um ... yeah it is dented up pretty badly and held together by screw repairs and stuff but it serves a purpose still. She's got a lot of miles on her.

Notes about the video ... I am NOT shooting full tilt and as hard as possible. In the second video I am shooting pretty hard but still not as hard as usual. Close but not quite and that was done on purpose.

This was a field test to see how it feels and was the first time I shot pucks since I injured it.

The other thing to note is that the stick is a cheap CCM woody I bought at Walmart on clearance for $7 .... I bought several of them actually and now that I have switched to composites I have a few of these as backups I guess. I painted the blade black and blue to match the shaft. It says JOE THORNTON on it lol .... I doubt he uses a cheap plywood shafted wood stick.

I wanted to use something I would not ruin in the yard and for this purpose of testing the bicep with real pucks did not care what damage from wear happened to the blade.

Also this isn't a show off video so discussing mechanics and this and that ... well honestly this wasn't for that. It was to show the progess made and to test different shooting muscles. I shot some backhanders too but did not film those, they also felt pain free and were very good ones.

I am going public skating again today (Sunday) and will not be playing hockey for another couple of weeks or more.

I can say however I was COMPLETELY pain free in these two videos and was extremely pleased with the progress. The reason I won't play yet is not the worry of more injury from shooting but instead the guy grabbing my arm from behind while I am skating by him and hyperextending it again. I doubt it is ready for that yet and quite frankly why chance it yet.

A couple of wrist shots, different types to see how the muscle feels and then half slapshots not very hard to gauge where I am at .... in video number 1

Now video number 2 I am shooting a little harder and have put the digital camera on the top of the car. A couple of these I torqued pretty good and was almost shooting as hard as I can but not quite yet.

I took a picture of the progress.

The bicep on the left arm which is on the right in the photo since it is reversed obviously is the damaged one. You can see a flat spot and a different look to the bicep. I must admit it looks better in the photo than it does in person in 3D.

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