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06-28-2009, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Doughty Number 8 View Post
Not at all? I don't think that Burkie is that thick
Perhaps not, I just got that feeling. I believe Murray may have already known Burke was going to select Kadri(before the TSN mic caught it). That's why he said "..flip picks" right before Burke asked him if he was going to select Kadri.

It would not be so annoying if this attitude/notion was not so often repeated
This had nothing to do with the topic.

The whole brother thing is overrated, unless you are the Sedins. I mean, other than being used to lure UFA Niedermayer, what did Special (Rob) Nieds ever do with Scott that he couldn't have done on his own?
I didnt say that it was important that they were brothers. I was stressing Burkes want for the guy.

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