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06-29-2009, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
i really do wonder though, if a team actually had the *balls* to say "forget this scouting department budget, we are going to go with the red line report/mckeens/whitesnake-BG-Montreal mock draft from now on", how would they do compared to the rest of the league over 4-5 drafts.
Watch how Buffalo's prospects pan out. Or did they change back? Weren't they the ones who made the change-over to largely video scouting as a way of cutting costs? I don't think even us draft geeks go purely on Whitesnake's Draft Guide, though, we do still watch some games on TV or occasionaly step foot in a junior rink. An NHL GM or director of player development or whatnot will too, even if they have a scouting department comprised of a couple video scouts and a VCR.
in the end I think the player development side of things is an even greater determinant of "draft" success than the actual quality of players picked.
Especially at the lower end IMHO. The NHL teams don't have complete control over that development either, however. (Hence why some will say oooh, we drafted this guy because he's going to UND and they have a GREAT PROGRAM there, or, yikes, this other guy is going to Harvard so drop him down a few spots in your rankings... )...
*** though I should say that I'm still pretty sure Snow is a bit of an idiot... even if the TSN guys were drooling over his first round wheeling and dealing, it looked like a huge reach to trade away later picks to move up a few spots and grab a guy that wasn't on the radar yet. Either he knew another team between 12-16 was going to make the same reach, or he was doing his best Al Davis impression!
I would want to extend the benefit of the doubt there. Snow's NOT an idiot. Moving up to get De Haan absolutely must have been influenced by knowledge he had. (Or misinformation another team scammed him with, either way). And I don't think it will turn out to be much of a reach. De Haan is that good, IMHO. It's not a "reach" if he really is that good and at least 2 teams in the league are aware of it, regardless of where the player sits in the Whitesnake's Draft Guide rankings.

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