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06-29-2009, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
wow 60 goals? Now calculate how many goals Briere and Giroux will bring to the club if they play full season and with Pronger on our blue line calculate GA.

20-30 by Briere, ok 15-17 by Giroux (maybe more) and GA will be lower, lets just say by 20-25 and Pronger will score 8-10 goals and Timonen will probably score more because he would not have to kill him self playing D all the time.

am I missing something?
Yes... IMO... Three solid lines; lines that can be mixed and matched as needed -- we all know that lines have 'magic' on their sticks for only a certain amount of time... and they are also changed in the postseason depending on the opponent -- I like the idea of THREE solid lines.

As to the lost goals... and I am conceding the lower GA, hopefully anyway... We can't assume that Giroux will not fall under the dreaded sophomore jix that often happens... And Briere -- who I love for his O and postseason magic, BTW -- has to be used sparingly and cautiously due to his D play.

The less options possessed by talented wings, the less ability to mix and match... and score when needed... Even with reduced GA, there are times when a team finds themselves needing O jolts to catch up.

Umberger was lost due to the Cap... Upshall also... Lupul was so they had space to bring in Pronger -- terrific move, potentially, IMO -- and Knuble possibly gone for Cap reasons... The pluses of Giroux and, and, well the plus of Giroux doesn't make up for the lost goals, and the lower GA may not be enough.

... IMO, I see the Flyers getting too thin on wing... We got our stud on D, but the cost was great up front; the once deep forwards are now shallow, as I see it.

All I want are two a decent wingers if Knuble goes... One can be Recchi... and a cheap but reliable 4th line center with FO skills. With that, I can see a Cup -- if the goalie situation doesn't tank.

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