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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
pappy, I just knew you'd come in here and defend Litz. I've got nothing against him, but that's what I have heard. I didn't get that from Ultimate Hockey, but from The Trail, Vol. 3. Now that you mention it, I see Ultimate Hockey says "he avoided backchecking like the plague" which is probably a gross exaggeration. But Coleman, in the Trail, says "he was more of an offensive than a defensive player... he was somewhat temperamental and did not always display his full talent"

However, I do also find that his being captain of the cup-winning Hawks somewhat contradicts this. You don't make a temperamental and somewhat lazy player captain... not usually, anyway.

I don't know just how old you are, but can you weigh in on Richard?
Being more an offensive player than a defensive player probably describes 95% of all great offensive players so I wouldn't infer anything from that statement. As far as being tempermental & not displaying his full talent, Where would Coleman get that kind of info & what was the context of his statement? I certainly never heard anything of the sort when litz was an active player and it certainly doesn't jive with what I saw..

I really can't comment on Richard as he was on his last legs when I started watching. Now there was a tempermental player.

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