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06-30-2009, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
The risk you take when you play the way we play.
I agree with that... If you want a team that goes all out and is an aggressive hitting team rather than a passive one, expect more injuries.

But that is only the answer to why the Flyers are one of the more injured teams in the NHL, IMO... As alluded to on here already, the hard hitting game, played by big and fast moving speedier men has to be a major factor also.

BUT to point fingers at McCrossin as a contributor to the amount and length, as well as the sometimes too early return is to me wrong... Trainers and conditioners, as well as doctors, rely greatly on what the players/patients tell them. They can take only so much from the tests and physical responses; much of their treatment and decisions, after the initial treatment and regiment, is decided on going by what players tell them as to how and what they are feeling... and this also can be said initially, when they are first aware of the injury/problem. If players don't keep a dialogue going with them about their condition, how can the trainer or physician know of discomfort, unless there are obvious signs? For a great example; Sbisa, back in the earlier part of the season felt discomfort in his groin which he chose not to disclose, for one reason or another -- not to be taken out of the lineup? Being a foolish teenager? Who knows why? -- It as only now been discovered... How can McCrossin be in any way responsible? The same can be said for a player such as Primeau or Roenick who swear that they have no ill effects and are are ready and able to play.

Also, we must take into consideration that there was less information on many things in the past... what now seems like a no brainer, was not the case when the events occurred.

Just my take on it................

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