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06-30-2009, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by twi View Post
Gainey fired his minor league coaching staff, giving them no reason. He did it by phone. That is neither reputable, nor a sign of a "man of honor". Gainey's not the angel you describe.
As opposed to asking them to fly to Montreal to tell them? It's done more often than you think. Because it's in Montreal, it was publicized. Had it been in Tampa, no one would have given a rats' ass about it. Heck, the firing would barely make it to the news!

Originally Posted by twi View Post
If Gainey wasn't trying to deflect criticism of his team's crash and burn, then why even say anything? It was either that or he was trying to take a jab because he didn't get his deal. Again, neither reputable nor honorable.
Every year, he gives a post mortem of the season. Tradition you know? Hmmm... maybe you don't.

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