Thread: Injury Report: Jim McCrossin
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06-30-2009, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by TheKingPin View Post
People coming back too early is on the doctors, not the training staff. And def on the players if they lie like opus said. I do feel like this area could use a change in that maybe pregame stretching etc needs improvement with all these groin pulls.
Recent research suggests that stretching has no impact on stopping strains and pulls...go figure. However, it seems to make sense given that the majority of the time you see an injury it's when the player is exerting himself and the muscle is contracting.

The trainers and training staffs of the world -- who do very good and important work -- get put way too high up as far as what they are actually doing and capable of doing. Trainers help train guys...they are not medical doctors, they are not qualified to tell you if a guy's head is OK from a concussion, they are not qualified to go in and look at a knee...they're qualified to come up with training regimes, etc.

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