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Originally Posted by Riddarn View Post
I think what damages swedish ice hockey the most is the fact there is no good place for players aged 18-22 to get a lot of ice time. Because lets face it, j18 is a regional league filled with 16 year olds. J20 Superelit has 4-6 teams too many, split into two divisions without intradivisional play, too few games and the average age of the players are about 18 years old. In North America there is AHL, CHL and NCAA, leagues designed specifically to groom players in the transition from junior to senior. In sweden you either stay in J20 Superelit and play against 17 year olds or you accept 3rd/4th line minutes in Allsvenskan.. unless you're some kind of wunderkid that is lucky enough to play on an SEL team that can't afford to buy all the players they want.

That said, Landeskog would probably have gotten SEL ice time and plenty of it, as would Oscar Möller before him.
The CHL draft doesnt really concern players aged 18-22 though... It's 16 year olds like Landeskog (probably), and before that Wallén who leaves despite really good odds of getting ice time in the SEL at 18-22.

Talented 18-22 y/o's not quite good enough to play for SEL clubs usually go out on loan to Allsvenskan, so in a way there is already a solution to that problem.

I'm a bit pissed off at this situation as DIF have spent a good deal of money and effort into getting the youth development up to a good standard (because it was crap earlier) and now that we produce talented players we won't even see them play for the mens team.

What happens if the DIF board (and other clubs of course) come to the conclusion that it's just not worth it anymore and stop spending money on youth? There would be no winners if that happened. Look at the Czechs...

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