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06-30-2009, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Lard_Lad View Post
Gotta wonder if there's something wrong with Eminger that we don't know about. This is the fourth team in a single year that has decided they didn't want him, he wouldn't have been expensive to qualify ($1.2M), and he was a logical candidate for an expanded role in Florida with J-Bo gone. Strange.
Originally Posted by ubiquitous View Post
Someone else was saying in another thread, I think about Eminger, that they wanted him back, but not at that cap hit.

I might be mistaken, but I think they wanted to redo his deal.
I think you guys are both missing a key ingredient, which is how arbitration works. Let's say Eminger gets his his qualifying offer of 1.2M. At that price, Eminger will turn it down. Why? Because if he is an RFA, he can FORCE his team to go to arbitration. Florida will argue that he is worth 1.2M, but Eminger will argue that he is worth far more than that...after all, look at his numbers. He played top 4 minutes for most of the season, and was 5-21-26 with an plus minus of -3 (impressive considering he accumulated most of that +/- with the Lightning!), made all the more impressive when one takes into account that he had to learn the systems of 3 teams last year. And he'll probably argue that he's worth $2.5M or more. He can point to guys with similar numbers, like Dan Hamhuis or Jordan Leopold or Matt Carle (it's not hard to find comparables for those numbers), each of whom who made $2M or more.

And the arbitrator will look at the case and probably decide upon a number in the low $2M range. The Panthers would not be forced to pay him that amount on a one year deal, however they would pretty much be in a situation where if they want Eminger, they'll have to pay him the arbitration amount. THAT is the number that the Panthers are afraid of. Not the $1.2M, they'd probably love to have him for $1.2M. They fear that qualifying him will turn into what is essentially a take-it-or-leave-it deal at $2.2M.

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