Thread: Injury Report: Jim McCrossin
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06-30-2009, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
I can confirm on this. I am a college athlete (soccer) and have been playing for years. It wasn't until 3-4 years ago I heard of this. Streching actually gives you a better chance of pulling something. I remember them explaining it to us, but I cant remember the exact words. All I know is that my last year playing highschool soccer, on club team, and my college team all stopped streching before games. I do alittle stetching here and there, but nothing over the top like some tell you to do. It is better to do plyometrics before hand.
Well, I think you're definitely supposed to stretch AFTER, but the before flexibility thing has been shot down. And I think the post-workout stretching is more about keeping the muscle fresh and not tightening up more than anything else.

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