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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
CHL is 17 to 20 though.

we're talking about landeskog here, aren't we? he's an exceptional talent. i think he's in the NHL with 18 anyway. so why do you even care about him leaving? the best players will always leave early. a good youth program always produces that kind of talent too, but it's not that there are only landeskogs. DIF also produces guys like henrik eriksson. and he won't leave DIF anytime soon.
so where's the problem?

landeskog has to move to the CHL to get a chance at playing NHL early. if he'd stay with DIF they would either force him to sign a longer contract or if he refuses then they treat him like urbom. so he has no choice.

there will always be a few guys who enjoy eduction in a foreign country and move over, but the majority stays in sweden as long as they get a chance to develop.
So because it's "only" our best young player(s) who leave early we should be content with the lesser young players?

If Landeskog will be NHL-ready by 18, then you can bet your behind he will play SEL with DIF at 17... And I think youre a bit wrong with the Urbom comparison. DIF would surely settle for a 2 year contract like they did with Josefson, that would leave Landeskog free to leave at 18 or 19, hardly too late for anything.

Victor Hedman left early and still played two seasons for MoDo btw...

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