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06-30-2009, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Practice, practice, practice. You don't really need a specific drill, you just need to skate around backwards a bunch for the crossovers, and you need to stop on your weak foot a lot.

You'll learn a lot of drills if you take a good powerskating class. Then you just have to get out on the ice and emulate these yourself... making sure to do them both ways. Even after you've mastered the techniques you'll have to keep doing them over and over until they become automatic responses. Up until last month I would never stop on my left side, and now I use it as much (maybe more as a left winger) as I do the right.

Have you ever done sculling on the ice? It's where you keep your feet together, move your feet outward, then bring them back in together without lifting your blades off of the ice. Try doing this drill... forward first, then backwards. You can start off slow, but eventually you'll want to do it with a lot of power. You should hear the ice crunching, and your feet should be moving quickly. You should be able to get your legs wide and then back in tight again in a span of one second or less (for the pros it's a flash of lightning). When you're moving forward you'll be emphasizing the cut with your heels (will come in handy when you're doing tight turns) and when you're moving backwards you'll be emphasizing the cut with your toes (will come in handy w/ backwards crossovers). This should eliminate any problems you have on your inside edge.

Circle drills are the easiest for working on transitions and crossovers. Face one end of the ice and do crossovers around the faceoff circle. Ensure that you are always facing that one direction.... at the top and bottom of the circle you'll be forced to transition.

If you want to master your backwards crossovers try doing zig-zagged backwards starts. Start off facing one of the side boards while standing on the goal line. Do three quick backwards crossovers in one direction to build up momentum then STOP, and immediately do three in the other direction. If you want a real challenge, try doing this with a puck on your stick!

Sorry if these are hard to visualize... it's hard to describe drills without a video or at least a drawing board.

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