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Originally Posted by PuckOut View Post
So because it's "only" our best young player(s) who leave early we should be content with the lesser young players?

If Landeskog will be NHL-ready by 18, then you can bet your behind he will play SEL with DIF at 17... And I think youre a bit wrong with the Urbom comparison. DIF would surely settle for a 2 year contract like they did with Josefson, that would leave Landeskog free to leave at 18 or 19, hardly too late for anything.

Victor Hedman left early and still played two seasons for MoDo btw...
you have to look long-term, not short-term. most players come back one day.
joel lundqvist recently signed with frolunda it seems. PJ axelsson always stated that back in sweden there's only frolunda for him.
so these players will join their team sooner or later again and help. that's also a result of good youth programs. it's not just the 1 year you get when they are 18.
when calle gunnarsson signed with the leafs, although he had a valid contract in linkoping, their manager just said "good luck and promise to not forget us". so gunnarsson would one day come back to linkoping.

my point is that if players feel the need to move to CHL or ncaa or ushl you should let them go. treat them good and you will get them back one day.

and why is it always "oh no, a player is leaving DIF" while i never read any crying from other teams? it's a bit confusing.

and riddarn: why are so many DIF players leaving? could there be a reason we don't know?

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