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Originally Posted by Riddarn View Post
I'm guessing it's not much fun playing for the poorest SEL team, in a crappy old arena, no practice rink etc. I don't think it's just DIF though, I think it's the general hockey climate in Stockholm. There are quite a few former AIK and Hammarby-juniors in various junior and college leagues in north america too.
could be, yes. but isn't that something DIF should adress? although stockholm is mainly soccer, isn't it?

And as for the "long term" perspective you offer.. I don't see why kids should be rushed over so much faster nowdays than they were 15 years ago. Let them stay to mature and bring them over to the NHL at 22 or 23. That way we get to see something of their true talent (not just a junior or a 39 year old hasbeen) and the NHL still gets the player in his prime.
oh, not everyone should be rushed of course. most kids need a while. as long as they get ice-time in sweden. something you already mentioned.
look at johan ryno for example. he had 7 points in 12 games in the AHL, went back to sweden to play 5min on 4th line. and that's no exception. young players in sweden are usually bound to 4th line or play in allsvenskan.
jonathan ericsson was another example. when hakan andersson told his coaches they should let him play defense, they ignored him. he moved over to the AHL and is now a very nice defender.

and sometimes you have players like hedman who are simply ready to play NHL. there's no reason to keep them in sweden till they are 22.

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