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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
1. You use stats all the time to justify your position. 4 goals in 105 game is very telling and important factor here. Stewart came into the league based on the idea he was an offensive force. Thus goals scored is a huge statistic in assessing him.

2. Stewart is just another Justin Morrison. He has the one move of going wide off the wing . Once that was taken away from him at the pro level he had little else. He is not good defensively nor are his passing skills well developed. There is little that is good about his game. He has size but only occasionally uses it. Often he is very passive. Right now he is definitely minor pro material at best. I bet that, even though Morrison was far from NHL material, he would have better stats than Stewart. I wouldn't want Morrison and don't want Stewart. Honestly what has Stewart done?

3. Moose are not all that devoid of forwards. They have Desbiens, Blizank, Keene, Rallo, Maxwell, probably Grabner, LaBrie, Walsky, Pope, Collins, Bolduc, Gendur, maybe Shirokov, and players like Derlago and Labelle possibily moving up. Also people like Krog and Jaffray might well be back and, no doubt, Heisinger will bring in more players. There is no desperate need to go get very iffy players like Stewart. He has not been an enforcer before and it is actually out of character for him. Also, if we have more players on Moose contracts it saves having to put them on Canuck contracts.

4, You only have so many contracts. if you want to look at players on a two way I would look much more at players like McCormick, Olvecky or Fritsche or others of the that ilk. Indeed, I hope the Canucks pursue local boy McCormick. If you are looking for legitimate toughness and competiveness you will get la lot more out of him than you will Stewart. (there are times when Stewart drops mentally right out of game) I say that a McCormick contract is a good two way contract but again the Canucks have to be careful how many contracts they sign. If Stewart wanted to sign a contract with the Moose I would have no problems with that.

5. Argument about about the uselessness of Isbister was based not on the signing but on the player - he was garbage player you said. Well so then is Stewart. Every way you measure it, Stewart has been a lesser player than Isbister. So why would we want to sign a garbage player??? If you want to switch it to 'the signing was bad' I would only go on to say that the signing of Stewart is also misguided and two wrongs don't make a right. Beyond that Isbister was off to Europe without a one way (and I knows that doesn't justify the contract) and likely Stewart will head for Europe if he gets only gets a two way. So the whole thing is probably moot.

6. The chances of Stewart helping the Canucks are very small. It is not like you have some one in the bull pen that you know is going to help you at the NHL level. That is not his track record. He makes huge mistakes in coverage and contributes very little offense. A player like Jaffray would be a better bet. Also players like McCormick are much better players to have in that capacity.

I would say there are better two way deals out there, Stewart has not shown he is any kind of prospect, and that team is better to follow through with the young guys they have bought in and groomed rather than bringing in more failed players (which might disrupt the development process) and that, with the limitation on contracts you don't take flyers on people like Stewart. I have seen nothing out of Stewart that suggests he is any kind of NHL prospect and I think the Canucks should be looking to put people on two ways that have shown more promise than Stewart.

All in all, I again don't understand the enthusiasm for this player.
You are *way* over-analysing this and over-estimating the 'enthusiasm' for Stewart.

He's a big young body who can skate and throw his weight around a bit, and drop the gloves on occasion. People here have simply stated that he might be worth giving a shot to as forward organizational depth, given our lack of big bodies who can skate. And absolutely McCormick falls into the same category.

And yes, we do need AHL forwards. The guys you list are mostly marginal AHL players. Outside of guys who will be on our NHL team next year, we only have 10-12 contracts in the organization when we're allowed about another 25, so that's definitely not an issue.

You know that 'garbage player' is a relative term, so don't play dumb on that one. Jason Krog is a great 15th forward and was a good signing last year, but if he's signed to play 82 NHL games, yeah he'll be called a 'garbage player' in that role. And we're going to sign several players who are 'worse than Isbister' this summer, just how we signed Cullen/Krog/Baumgartner etc. last summer, so that argument is a red herring.

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