Thread: Speculation: Nobody wants Heatley.
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06-30-2009, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Kamina View Post
That's why he's been freeing up cap space ever since he became GM, right? Honestly, people need to think about what they're saying sometimes.
Then theres no way possible hes trading Heatley without taking a bad contract in return.

There isnt going to be some rebuild return, nor is there going to be anything that many a casual fan will consider a worthy return for the guy who's been the greatest scoring forward since the lock out, considering it was Heatley who demanded to be traded.

Lets make a few things clear;

Hes not going to get equal value, nor should any team give him such.
Chicago isnt a good trading partner considering Campbell is mos def coming back, and I dont blame Murray one bit in wanting that, and Iam a Blackhawks expert.
Many of the trade preposals on this board are extremely unrealistic, and borderline looney. Its either over/under value with nothing that could be considered even, so why bother trying to speculate.
Murray, if he was smart, would just let him sit out the season and use the cap room to make his team better, considering they need it.
Expecting Heatley to play this year is stupid, since hes already burned that bridge, and if Murray doesnt act soon, hes hurting the Sens.

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