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06-30-2009, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
I will put it this way.

If Dean doesn't make a big move in free agency because he didn't find the right "character" player, I will flip. This character prerequisite to signing a star has reached the absurdity level. Stars have egos. Match strong personalities with innate talent and a "team" environment in any sport and you're not going to get a circle jerk. Chemistry, I understand, is important and critical to winning but character, by Dean's definition someone that tows the line and doesn't talk back, is total unrealistic ********. Dean, if he was GM of a basketball team, would never trade for Kobe. Shaq and Kobe would never have been together. Take football, basketball, baseball, hockey, they are no different. You are going to get egos that are out of control and, in the end, the team with a combination of talent, luck and chemistry in that order is going to win it.

Dean can either sign talent or he cannot. It's that simple. He fails, the Kings fail and no playoffs for you or me.
Well put.

I will say though that I think people mock the "Kopi needs to get better" stuff a little too much. I agree that to secure a realistic shot at the playoffs, we need to add a star. However at the same time, even if the Kings add a star, if Kopi and Brown don't step it up, we still are not going to be a very good team. Let's not pretend like one star players = playoffs. One needn't look further than the Thrashers for that one. Hell, with Kovie and Heatley or Kovie and Hossa, still mass suckage abound.

So while we do need to sign a star, and worrying about Kopitar not improving is NO EXCUSE for not adding a much needed forward, that does not discredit the point that without Kopitar advancing to the next stage of his development, we aren't going to be that much closer to a playoff spot, and still hellishly far away from contention.

Obviously there are needs that need to be addressed. I do believe that no matter whether we add Hossa or Gaborik or Havlat or Phaneuf, barring a major overhaul of the team (which I don't think anyone is expecting or hoping for), Kopitar and his development is absolutely the single most critical thing to our future success.

We knew he was our future when he first burned Pronger. That hasn't changed.

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