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06-30-2009, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Ron View Post
I couldn't agree more.

What I do not like though is that if Dean does fail there will be dozens crawling out of the woodwork praising him for the chutzpah to resist signing an overpriced guy....even if that means another top 5 draft pick.
I would've been one of them, but I've changed my view. Now is the time to bring in a legitimate top line player. It needs to be done now. They've built up depth at EVERY position. Defense is stronger and deeper than it has ever been. Goaltending is now one of the top 2 depth positions, after defense. They've just drafted there potential future #2 center. Goaltending, defense, and forward depth is stronger than it will ever be. The depth is silly on this team. But, you've gotta add a proven scorer to not only help the team to continue to grow, but to also say to both the players and the fans, "Hey, we believe in this team, and we're serious about taking that next step towards a championship."
Go out and sign Gaborik, Hossa, or Havlat. I would be happier with DL signing Gaborik. He's still young, so he fits the whole growing with the team that Lombardi preaches.
Lombardi signs one of Gaborik, Hossa, or Havlat and this team is in the playoffs next year without a doubt. Now is the time to add onto what he has built. The team has learned the defensive part of the game, next year they will learn how to transition a strong defensive game into offense. By adding one of those 3 players I mentioned helps a lot with doing that.

And to finish off.........Do it Deano!

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