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07-01-2009, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by youarentobjective View Post
It's beyond funny to see the egg on the faces of the countless posters who spent months telling the few of us how players like Gomez were untradeable unless we threw in high picks and top prospects to dump their salary. Yet, Sather got a good player in Higgins and Montreal's top prospect. Especially one poster who spent months hinting that almost every Rangers player was worthless and had no trade value. Sure would be nice if one of those posters started up a thread stating how completely clueless they were.
I can only hope you mean me. So how exactly am I wrong? I said Gomez was untradeable, and by multiple reports from reliable sources, Gomez was being offered league-wide for months, and then finally, one team traded for him out of pure desperation in a move that is widely regarded as one of the worst trades in recent history. A move that the other team's fan base is livid over, a move that beat writers and analysts are panning.

Funny that you would call someone clueless. I've been reading this board for a long time. I can count the number of posters I have absolutely no respect for on one hand. You're one of them. Your lack of knowledge of the actual on-ice aspects of the sport, not to mention the league in general is alarming. I'd bet anything you've been banned from this board before under a different user name.

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