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10-19-2004, 09:11 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Levitate
it's not surprising some of them just want to play hockey, especially the fringe guys who probably would struggle to get a chance normally. i don't know enough about kolnik to know whether he's a fringer guy or not and i'm too lazy to check up on him now, but the guys who just want to make the NHL are probably more likely to go "hey i'll play regardless"
And this is the owners strategy, to bust the union from the bottom on up in the hopes that next year or two years from now they have enough 2nd rate, financially strappped players to restart the league somehow...Silly strategy IMO because the NHL will be dead in the United States (if it isn't already) if hockey takes this year off.....On the off chance that it isn't and I'm wrong (yeah, it's happened once or twice..), the question will be is will the other, better, more established players also give in, ride it out, or just seek greener pastures over-seas..I think the latter two are more probable and the best hoceky will end up being played by the best players in Europer with the NHL filled with junk from all continents, at least at the onset...

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