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10-19-2004, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Agreed, and that is why the lockout is doomed to fail (from the owner's prespective). First of all, after such a bluster from Bettman, ANYTHING but a $31m hard cap will be seen as the league caving in. Second of all, if the league thinks that they can re-start the NHL by presenting a league full of 3rd & 4th liners and some draft picks, they are going to be in for a harsh dose of reality. I would love to see the smug look on Bettman's fans are hockey is played in front of empty arenas with the likes of Jeff Toms being considered top 2 line players.
And that is not even to say that Bettman would be allowed legally to 1) declare an impasse & 2) implement replacement players (again, would the 'Nucks move from Vancouver or simplyl not be a part of the "new" NHL?)
Again, you could say a similar thing about the players association...they absolutely refuse to accept a cap, and don't want to have a hard limit on how much a handful of their top players can earn. Whether or not the owners want to try and institute a league full of replacement players remains to be seen...I'm sure it's a consideration in order to put pressure on the players association and to create dissent, but I don't see it as a long term solution, and I'm not sure that they do either.

As for seeing Bettman with a smug look on his face...well the only look I want to see is one of surprise as he gets fired.

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