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10-19-2004, 10:45 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Fish
Exactly my point Larry...I may sound like I'm on the owner's side at times, but I just try to counter arguments where one side is being promoted over the other, because as you stated in your post, they both are contributing to this lockout.

And when you have Gary Bettman representing the league and the NHLPA seemingly more interested in representing the top 5% of the players than their constituency as a whole then we're not going to be getting out of this mess any time soon.

Both sides are convinced that they are right and their opponent is wrong...not a lot of room for compromise there.
Yeah, we are totally on the same page..Where I might sound pro-player, I totally reallize that these guys (the NHLPA) have made out like bandits over the past 10 years (through the owners incompetence) and need to give back much more then they are currently putting forth if they truly want to save the game for all...But until the owners stop making up imaginary losses for hockey-related activities (the Rangers being a prime example) and sticking with a no-compromise low cap, there's no way for the players to trust the owners or gauge how much they really need to give back as compared to just giving what the owners demand..

And like you, I see no potential for compromise and expect the season to be cancelled and the next season (if there is one and perhaps 2 years down the road) relying on 3rd-tier scab players or an entire new league

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