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07-01-2009, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MistaWrista View Post
One quick tip, what you need to do is pick a spot across. Let's say I'm a lefty on the left side, I want to look at a spot across on the right, then make my move, but if he overslides and takes that away, go back left. A lot of this is proper body positioning.
Well, shooters have a tendency to get this one, just a little wrong...somethimes! Let me explain.

When you are coming down the ice on a goalie, some goalies will line up to the shooter and some goalies will line up to the puck.

A good shooter will learn which one is which and this little scoring tip will help you score a sh** load of goals. So here it comes....

If you are on a break-a-way, generally the goalie will line up with the shooter because the puck is in front of the shooter going side to side.

The minute the shooter opens up the blade of his stick, the goalie should align with the puck. Here's why...

If you are coming down the ice with the puck and you open up the blade to take the shot and if the goalie has the angle covered on you as you look at him, this means that he (the goalie) is aligned to you (the shooter) and not to the blade.

This means that if you were to step out side of your body and stand behind the blade of your stick, you will see that the angle has now changed on the goalie and now you will see that the side that your stick is on, is way open to shot on net.

This is known as the "Puck's Eye" and once you understand this concept, you will be scoring more goals.

Now, if you are coming down the ice and the goalie has aligned his body to the blade of your stick, you will see the side open on the opposite side of your blade. If you see this...DO NOT TRY AND SHOOT THERE. The goalie has the angle covered.

So what in the he** does all of this mean? If the goalie is aligned to you, I recommend that you use a snap shot low on the ice on your stick side and DO NOT DEKE. Why work harder then you have too.

You see, a snap shot gives little to no communications to the goalie that it is coming. And, if you look at my previous post on this thread about the hand and puck trick, the goalie will have less recation time due to the closure rate distance / or reaction time between you and the goalie. Which means you have the advantage over the goalie due to reaction time.

So, watch how the goalie stands in the net and then take advantage of his position.

Hope this helps

Head coach

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