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10-19-2004, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Fish
Again, you could say a similar thing about the players association...they absolutely refuse to accept a cap, and don't want to have a hard limit on how much a handful of their top players can earn.
Yes, but the BIG difference is that the while the players are willing to compromise, Bettman is not. He has not even made a counter-offer to the NHLPA's last proposal, and that was over a month ago. How do you tell grown men that they need to "reflect" ? Does he think that these negotiations are going to be about the NHLPA making offers until he sees one that he likes? HE is the one who refuses to negotiate here.
We may disagree on things and people will inevitably favor one side over the other, but I think that most of us can agree on the fact that whatever the outcome will be (hard cap or luxury tax), it WILL NOT be such a ridiculously low cap #. A # that will require the friggin' Tampa Bay lightning to trim $10m from their payroll (and that does not include resigning St. Louis). Heck, the Devils have $35m tied into 5 or 6 players. But Bettman has made such a hard stance that anything but a $31m cap will be seen as a failure. Even a $41m hard cap will be seen as him failing. When your posturing is being precieved the way it is, when you tell grown men that they need time to "reflect", ANYTHING but your original amount is a failure. That's why Bettman is in no hurry to place a counter offer on the table. He has never intended for there to be a season this year.

"But until the owners stop making up imaginary losses for hockey-related activities (the Rangers being a prime example) and sticking with a no-compromise low cap, there's no way for the players to trust the owners or gauge how much they really need to give back as compared to just giving what the owners demand.."

Agreed, Larry.

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