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10-19-2004, 12:38 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Fish

But again, let me state my position...this is a case of both sides being at fault for not being willing to find middle ground. The line is drawn at a salary cap, the NHLPA and Goodenow have said they won't accept one, the league and Bettman have said they won't accept anything else...they didn't have to state the opinions publicly and there probably could have been a compromise, but because they have there exists no middle ground for either side to venture into because it will look like weakness if the NHLPA proposes any sort of counter offer with a salary cap in it, and from the owners perspective it will be the same if they consider anything without one.
Again, I agree, and why I think this dispute will last a minimum of 1 year...Unlike baseball in the US, there isn't even political interest or even fan interest that this thing gets worked out...Nobody could give a flying fudge at a rolling doughnut...To be perfectly honest, there are so many other things going on, that I almost hope that professional hockey dies an agonizing death in the US if this is how both sides will continue to act....Face it, the way hockey is played today in the NHL, poker, tiddlywinks, and darts is just as exciting...There will be no loss....Don'tthese jokers realize this??

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