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07-01-2009, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by mikeg View Post
With a lot of the negativity around here, and some positive threads I wanted to add to the flow and post something positive about why I am giddy right now.

1) I don't think I have ever, in my 32 years of existence witnessed a July 1st where we were so active. It's nice to see your team making headlines as opposed to being beaten to the punch on every signing.

2) I love the fact that we finally took a risk and traded an asset to get an upgrade. Gainey did it in Dallas when he traded Iginla for Nieuendyk and it got him a cup. This is by no means the same situation, but it's things that teams who want to contend must do.

3) I think pairing Cammilerri with Gomez might work well. You get two proven guys, one who is a good setup guy, and one guy who has proven he can finish.

4) I love what he's done with the D. We've gone from having shrimpy depth, to veteran depth. Spacek will be a workhorse, who will put up points and not be a liability, and Gill gives you a big (yes slow) and reliable defesensive defenceman. He can do what Komi did, at 1/2 the price.

5) On paper we are a better team than last year. Say whatever you want about McDonaugh, the kid has yet to prove himself at a professional level. All you can ask from your GM is that he improve upon what was done last year, and like it or not, Gainey has done just that.

6) Despite my giddiness, we are still missing 2 or 3 key ingredients to being a legitimate contender. We depserately need a big centre, a reliable defenceman to play on the right hand side

7) We still have lots of cap space to sign our RFA's, and another guy like Havlat, Gaborik, etc. However if we sign Kovalev, then we can pretty much forget those guys. That, ultimately is going to be one tough choice.

Does anybody know how many players are actually signed and how much cap space we have left.

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