Thread: Line Combos: Line Predictions (2009/10 Season)
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07-01-2009, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
Well, I guess it may finally be time to give up the idea of going with three scoring lines. It was my favorite thing about this team for a while, but with some of the recent changes, it looks like it'll likely make more sense to stack the top two and go with a more traditional checking third.

If we're not signing anyone else...


Not sure exactly where we stand now with the cap, but if we can squeeze in another forward signing...

Asham-FA signing-Powe

I struggle a little bit with moving Giroux to wing, just cuz I think he did such a fantastic job as a center...he even did pretty well on face-offs. However, I guess I should just chalk that up to the fact that he is ****ing awesome, and realize that he may be better off on the wing.

Maybe Nodl would be ready to secure a spot on the third line...I don't know though. I'm not too high on him. He's a pretty smart player and does some good things, but I'll be shocked if he develops any real offensive threat. He's not incredible defensively and doesn't bring any physical presence either.

I'm a bit unsure about how the bottom six should stack up overall. Quite frankly, I have little use for Carcillo...especially now that we have Laperriere. I just don't think Carcillo is much of a player, in any regard really. How about they move him for the rights to Upshall? I'll be anxious to see what Scottie signs for.
He is a natural RW....Although he plays well at center, the only way I want to see him at center is if he is paired with Briere....Otherwise he should be a RW, especially considering the only players we currently have on the roster listed as RWs are Lappy and Asham

Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
I don't think getting rid of carle is the answer.

Jones however i believe is expendable. Carle should develope and improve well beside Pronger, i think they will complement eachother. If Carle proves he cannot handle those minutes, or play responsibly then yea, change it up.

I'd like to see Jones gone and a P.J Axellson, Malhotra type, and im not sure who will fill in on D though.
Carle needs to go for cap reasons....You cant go into the season with that much money spent on your defense and not enough depth in your bottom 6 forwards. Plus, we need to re-sign Coburn next year and it would be a slap in the face to Parent to go from playing on the top pairing to the bottom....Although I am sure Stevens wouldnt mind doing that since he seems to have a crush on Carle.

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