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07-01-2009, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by DeeMeck View Post
I just wanna say....

Gomez bad sign obviously by the Rangers....they flipped that to a good big of assets from Montreal to give themselves room for Gaborik...

WTF....even the most mundane signing sets you up for assets later.

Havlat + whatever is just appeasement.

I doubt we even get him.

The Blackhawks in big cap hell sign Hossa.....when do we compete...even if we fuyck up a big signing...we can trade that signing for assets and picks........TICKED IS ME

This is ****in ridiculous
Completely agree. Its not like if we sign one of these top guys we are actually stuck with them forever (unless we give them a ntc). If DL is really waiting out for a guy like Kovalchuk (or the missing piece aka the right fit aka whoever the hell he keeps referring to and thinks is out there), then he should just use all the cap space available for this year to sign a free agent and then dump him for pics and prospects before next season. Its not in great character but at this point who cares. To not make some sort of big signing with all of this cap space is ridiculous. He held all the cards in this off season and is going to come up empty handed because he is too gun shy. Im pissed.

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