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Originally Posted by ChesterNimitz View Post
Sam Pollack once opined that a quick way to assess any trade was to see which team ended up with the best player. By using this admittedly, superficially approach, it would appear, at least to this writer, that with Gomez being clearly the best player involved in the transaction, the trade should be viewed favourably. While trading a promising prospect should always be viewed with some reservation, the current free agency rules under which all teams now operate, greatly reduces the importance of such assets. As opposed to to the 1960s, 70s and 80s where draft choices - and the development of such prospects - were the life blood of any team, today mistakes made in drafting or in the trading of prospects, can be minimized through free agency. As witnessed by today's splurge in free agency, given a reasonable amount cap flexibility, it is quite possible to change a team's core and direction in only one year.

In Gomez, Montreal is acquiring a dynamic puck transporter who will more than replace the role that Kovalev filled for the past several years. Though the successive losses of Souray and Streit played a role in reducing the effectiveness of the team's power play, an equal, if not more significant factor was Kovalev's inability to transport the puck on a consistent basis into the offensive zone and establish puck control. Too often, the team was reduced to shooting the puck in and relying on forechecking to gain control on the poweplay. This tactic ate up valuable time and greatly reduced our offensive zone time off possession on the power play. With Gomez, this will not be a problem and with more time of possession in the offensive zone, the power play will be that much more effective.

Gomez gives the team an exciting, skilled player who, before Christmas, will be one of the most popular players among the team's notoriously demanding fans.

That is all.
Sam Pollack did not operate in a cap system

that is all

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