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07-02-2009, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
Are there any sources or references or even rumors that suggest Homer is talking to Malhotra? Or anyone else for that matter? Because I'm starting to think that Holmgren is looking at this roster and thinking that it's good to go.




1. So much for our vaunted forward depth...
2. I really like Powe and I thought Nodl played pretty well when he was up. If Laperriere brings whats advertised, I think that could be a very, very solid third line.
3. Reluctant to put Parent on the third pairing because he played well last season and it might screw with his development to go from call up, to top pairing minutes, to bottom pairing minutes from season to season, but Carle is talented and I want to see if pairing him with Pronger or even Timonen can bring out the Matt Carle of 2007.
4. That Boucher signing is really bothering me. There was an abundance of quality backups available this offseason and we end up with him. I'd rather have someone like Clemmensen or Anderson that has a small sample size of competence than a guy that has a proven track record of mediocrity. If Emery goes down, could Clemmensen or Anderson repeat what they did last year? Who knows? It's possible! Will Boucher be able to carry us to the cup if Emery goes down. Hell no. Plus I think Harding is the goalie of the future for some team and he's sitting there, waiting to get traded. Unfortunately, to quote GKJ, it looks like the goalie of the future will be playing for someone else.
Homer did say they are still looking around but your right it doesn't kind of sound like this may be all the moves we make.

Q: What do you plan on doing next?

PH: We do have some young players in our system who we think are guys that are eventually are going to be offense type players. If that is the route we go, we would certainly feel comfortable starting the year that way. But we will continue to look over the next few days. There are still some players out there that we value,. We will see how it goes.

Q: What is it youd like to get?

PH: Wed like to add one more offensive-type player if we could. Like I said, we lost 52 goals. I think the addition of Pronger is going to help in that regard from the back end but also provide better opportunities for a lot of guys to score out up front because of rebounds and what not from his shot from the point and also Danny playing a full year and Claude Giroux playing a full year on our team, we expect a little more from them.

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