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Originally Posted by Le Tricolore View Post
Without Gomez the Habs don't sign Cammalleri and Gionta, and definitely don't get Gaborik anyway.
Bang on! And all the players we got in the last days are NOT INJURY PRONE. I prefer Gomez on the ice over Gaborik on IR for more than half a season...this guy is made of already broken glass glued together by a mixture of flour and water.sather just screwed himself back up. He had a chance to free himself up a bit but made it even worse in the end. Don't kid yourselves...he WILL be injured for half his contract game-wise. I am soooo glad we did not pick him (or Havlat) up. we finished first when we had no injuries. The guys we picked up have a very good chance of playing 78-82 games next year. That will be a factor.

Right now we are the laughinstock of whole HFboards. But hey we got a great passer and 2 scorers. We didn't have that next year. Ho! and for the size matter, Latendresse, Pac, Lapierre are not small, both Kost are not that small and play a big game physically. We draft bigger and tougher since a couple years and it will soon start to show with the young guys coming up. The size problem will solve itself because we have talent and speed signed for 5 YEARS. Let's get Tollefsen who did not receive a QO. This guy is tough as nails and is a young and pretty good stay at home D that will drop the gloves often. He will also be cheap.

We draft hard workers with some size most of the time and it will show soon enough.

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