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10-20-2004, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Well duh that Barney, Cammy and Brown will make it first. But if the new CBA is as restrictive as it might be, they will all make it at some point in the season. I'm not saying Kanko is going to leap-frog other prospects. I see 3, maybe 4, making it straight out of camp and another 3 or 4 as ready to fill in for injuries.

This is how I see it (in that order):

1. Brown - he's already made it, I don't think there is any question
2. Gleason - same as Brown
3. Barney - same as Brown
4. Cammy - he's ready for the NHL (but will it be with the Kings with the talk last season about his attitude?)
5. Clarke - he's ready for the NHL (but I don't see him as more than depth forward)
6. Grebs - he's ready for the NHL (same role as Gleason from last year)
7. Kanko - he's ready for the NHL (same level of development as Avery when he first came over from Detroit

After that, I think the rest of the prospects need several years more development in their respective leagues. I think the first 3 are no-brainers for making the roster straight out of camp. I think Cammy is in a state of flux (proven he should be on a roster somewhere, but maybe not with the Kings). And I think the next 3 will be injury call-ups or spot-starters on the NHL roster even if the season were to start tomorrow. All 7 would see NHL action this coming season.

Don't get me wrong, I surely don't think ALL 7 will have huge impacts. But I do think all 7 will see significant NHL ice-time this coming season (whenever it is).
Hmm that's something I had forgotten about, Cammy's supposed attitude problem. Weren't the Kings dissapointed in Straka as well..? I don't think he'll get dealt, and even if he does, I doubt it's before Straka, but could it be?

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