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07-02-2009, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
That's why so many people want to see them gone asap. I can only agree with them. We could probably facilitate a decent third pair for Jones total salary. At least he will be off the books next season but Carle's contract is lasting longer and I can see him get traded this season.

Homer will be busy re-signing a defense this season as everybody but Carle and Kimmo are in their final year of their contracts. At least Coburn and Parent are both RFAs. Pronger will need some evaluation time though.

Originally Posted by Opus View Post
Who says that's the 3rd pairing?

Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
Exactly. It's kinda cute how you guys think Carle will no doubt be bottom pairing. Parent was put with Timonen because Timonen could cover Parent's mistakes. Stevens said it himself.


Every pairing has defense and decent-good puck movement.

They might go with this defense and keep Carle until Pronger signs an extension. If Pronger re-ups, expect Carle moved by next July.

Two pairings I really DON'T want to see:

Pronger-Timonen unless it's the last minute of a game, these two need to be separated to make two number 1 pairings.

Pronger-Coburn we need to split up our most physical guys. Otherwise teams will still headhunt Timonen. I'd prefer Timonen-Coburn to re-kindle the magic of that pairing. Plus, Coburn gets a front row seat at the Pronger show. Even if he isn't on stage.

However, I'm sure Coburn and Pronger will logs some minutes together. Situationally, it will happen.
I dont care if Jones/Carle are our top pairing....We cant compete for the cup with the bottom 6 we have at the moment....If we can improve the bottom 6 and keep both of those guys so be it, I just dont see how that is possible. If one of them needs to be moved I rather Carle cause his contract has implications after this year when we need to re-sign Pronger, Coburn and Parent.....Jones does not.

It has nothing to do with the caliber of the players. If there was no cap I would easily say keep them, but unfortunately it isnt 2004 anymore.

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