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07-02-2009, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
It looks like Scurko will soon be free on bail if he can raise 33 000 Euro. It seems strange to me given the brutal nature of the murder, and especially the fact that he as admitted to the crime. Anyhow if I was a referee or linesman in SVK, I would not sleep well in the coming weeks.
That joke is so not funny anymore, actually it never was.

But yeah, seriously welcome to banana republic-Slovakia. The country in which the head of justice is Mr. Harabin. Here he tells former mionister of justice Daniel Lipsic :"Pojdes do basy, ty hajzel" which is pretty much "You´ll go to jail, *******" and he did not even admit he said it till it was clear that it was in fact recorded. Let´s just not speak about his contacts with Baki Sadiki, the head of Albanian drug mafia.

I´m not shocked that Scurko is out at all, Kamzik. You might, because I believe that you´ve been living quite away from Slovakia for a while now.

But yeah, on the other hand, am I worried that if I go down the street Scurko will attack me or soemthing? Not at all. Am I worried that I or someone close to me could be killed walking down the street by Daniel Tupy´s murders or some other people of that bread? Yes.

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