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07-02-2009, 02:54 PM
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First off, I think next offseason could be the craziest off season in the history of the league.

Assuming the economy stays in the tank this season, I really feel like the cap could go down 5+ million. If that scenario becomes a reality, it will be a DIRE situation around the league.

Most teams will be searching to shed salary in any way possible, and certainly wouldn't be able to hand out that kind of money. For the few that may be in a position add salary, there will be all kinds of deals to be had. In this scenario, 5m would be a dream for Dan.

So, option 4 would be to wait it out, hope the cap goes down, and then we can sign Dan at a reasonable price.

Do we have any faith in Poile to even attempt a negotiation with Hamhuis right now? Judging from his negotiation "skills" with Sullivan (, and others, I sure don't.

If it's me, I see if we can sign Dan for less than 4 million (with no NMC clause) . With the Heatly situation, I think it will give GMs a negotiation card to not include NMCs.

But I really think Poile should be actively shopping him. Our forwards are top 5 worst in the league. I feel Hamhuis could bring in a nice return if packaged correctly (teams like Boston, Washington).

But yes, it'd leave a hole on defense, and Poile's window to get some decent vets gets smaller every day.

All in all, I fully expect for Poile to wait and see how it plays out. That's what he does best!

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