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07-02-2009, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
Nashville fans are being a little tough on the guy.

As long as you don't expect him to be anything more than a 4th line center and decent PK guy, Fiddler is a good signing. A little high at 1.1 million, as players like him are a dime a dozen, but, overall, not too bad.

I think Preds fans are just a little sick of the abundance of Fiddler "type" players we have on the team, so when one leaves, we do a little happy dance.

Nice pickup for Phx as long as you keep him on the 4th line.
That's exactly it. You already have Nichol, and Smithson, and had Peverly, ect. You've got a ton of PKers and had a top ten PK. Our PK sucked ass. One of the worst in the league. We really NEEDED one of those types of guys Nashville had too many of. Also, we were the worst face-off team in the NHL. Fiddler has never been sub .500 in the face of dot in any season of his career to date. In Nashville you don't care because guys like Nichol and Smithson are insanely good at winning face-offs, and your team has been so good in that regard that you've taken it for granted. We NEEDED a guy who can win some face-offs. He was brought in to play on the checking line, kill some penalties, and win some face-offs. I'm not sure why any of these Nashville fans are trashing the signing because we aren't getting anything more than that. We aren't expecting to get anything more than that. If that's all we get, we'll be perfectly happy with him.

Originally Posted by PhoPhan View Post
"This kind of contract"? Seriously? Are you people stuck in 1981?

$1.1 million is not anything special for a veteran. If he's overpaid, and maybe he is, it's not by more than a few hundred thousand dollars, and even for the financial straits the Coyotes find themselves in, I can't imagine this 2-year deal becomes an albatross, no matter how bad Fiddler might be.
Yep. "Oh these guys are a dime a dozen!" "1.1 is ridiculous!" "Terrible signing!" A veteren PKer is going to cost you 800k. A UFA veteren PKer is going to cost you 1.1m. 300k difference without having to trade anything.

What is the big EFFING WHOOP?!?!?!?!?

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