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10-20-2004, 02:07 PM
True Blue
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Originally Posted by Chief
True Blue: What baseball has proven to me with their luxury tax is that all it does is put money in some owners' pockets. It hasn't brought an even playing field at all. I recently looked up the salaries somewhere and almost every team that was in the PO's was in the top 10 or 12 in terms of salaries. The only bottom rung team in contention was Florida. The luxury tax has done nothing to make the likes of KC or Pittsburgh or any number of other teams able to compete with the big spenders.
Why MUST there be a level playing field? I think that this is where the crux of the luxury tax vs. a hard cap is. The luxury tax provides for the OPPORTUNITY for the owners to improve their teams. Nothing states that they HAVE to spend the money on their teams. That's the problem. Most owners take the luxury tax $$$ and put it into their own pocket. There have been some teams that have put the money into their teams, instead of their pockets. Like I said, Philly and Florida come to mind. Then there have been teams like the Brewers, who 2 years ago recieved the most aid, and put absolutely nothing back into the team. Not only did they not increase payroll after recieving close to $20 million, but they did not increase their scouting or anything like that. This was in an article several years ago.
So, you have to look at it in this way. Are you trying to FORCE the owners to increase the value of their teams, in order to level the field? Or are you trying to just force equality by not allowing one team to spend more than the next? Seems to me that the latter is what Bettman is trying to accomplish becuase then he answers his primary calling: to ensure that the owners bottom line is healthy. If you are going to try to force all of the teams to not to be allowed to spend more than the other, then you HAVE to do 2 things:
1) If teams are not allowed to spend more money that each other (Rangers and Nasville being forced to have the same payroll), then the ticket prices have to be the same
2) If you try to force equality by not allowing the teams to spend more than each other, then you have to also force it by not allowing the teams to spend LESS than each other.

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